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"Will you choose to reflect on the truth that we are all here for such a time as this–––we are the modern-day Esther’s and the fact that the Lord has us here now, at this time in history, is amazing! He knew when He’d need us here. He chose us to be here now. His plans and purposes will continue to be made clear as we press into Him. So, once again, I put my yes on God’s table, and when I’m on hold with my next project or steps, I plan to faithfully do the next thing. Will you join me? I hope so..."

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February 2024

"Affirmation is a powerful tool in this pursuit. I was so blessed to have a mother who continually affirmed me, setting a beautiful example of love and care. Today, I encourage us all to adopt that same lifestyle of sincere affirmation..."

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December 2023

"I’ve been challenged this year with what feels like “less time,” but I’m choosing Jesus and His joy during this season. I’m re-defining what Christmas should truly look like, and I’m settling in, in a peaceful way, for an “it’s an okay mindset.”..."

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October 2023

"I had a wonderful month, full of learning how to handle my new podcast, The Women Behind the Words, and what it will take to make it smooth and seamless. I give a grateful shout out of thanks to my team behind the scenes that make all they send out look absolutely stunning!..."

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September 2023

"Throughout the writing of my book, Holy Interruptions, my heart ruminated on this truth–––Jesus’ thoughts about us are precious and innumerable! More deeply than ever, I’ve recounted God’s mercy and reflected on His grace poured out on a broken girl who had no hope..."

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July/August 2023

"Where do I begin? This started as a July Newsletter. It became July/August Summer Newsletter. Now the end of August is sneaking in. Before it becomes a quarterly newsletter, I have vowed to not leave my desk until it’s done! After reading the stories below, you’ll understand why I’ve been missing in action..."

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June 2023

"Feisty. That’s how I felt. Maybe with a drop of rude mixed in to give my last biting comments a touch more color. I don’t do that often. I’m kind. So, when I do, I seem to justify it at the moment, convincing myself I should take the opportunity to speak my mind. Been there?..."

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May 2023

"For over 30 years I knew God had called me to write. I wondered how I’d ever do it. My life was jammed-packed. I couldn’t imagine being free to fulfill that call. I would beg Him to lift the desire to be a writer off my heart again and again..."

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April 2023

"I woke my little girls up, got them dressed in their best dresses, and told them we were going back to church. Joy rang through our hearts and home that Easter morning. We were going home. I called my brother, and shouting “halleluiah,” he promised to pick us up for church, but he’d be a little late..."

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March 2023

"For many of you, by the time you read this, spring will have arrived. When I think of spring, (if I’m in a joyful frame of mind) I think of daffodils and snowbells peeking up through the earth, robins returning, little lambs being born, and maple sap running with syrup being made..."

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February 2023

"We already have everything we need but only if we have an intimate relationship with Jesus. The word knowledge in the Greek meaning is having a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus, rather than just having knowledge about God. Big difference..."

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January 2023

"January is one of my favorite months. I love seeking the Lord for His plans and setting my goals for the year ahead together with Him. I couldn’t wait to send out my newsletter full of New Year’s happenings and articles..."

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December 2022

"The shepherd’s story mattered–––it still matters. And we celebrate it every year. I love this. Profound, isn’t it? God sent the proclamation of the birth of His Son, the Savior of this world, through majestic angels, to the ears and eyes and hearts of lowly shepherds. Not kings."

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November 2022

"When they begin to realize their story has the possibility to change the course of history, affecting the outcome of eternity one heart at a time, excitement to make a difference for the Kingdom begins to take root in their hearts..."

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October 2022

"Maybe you struggle a bit, living your days out with a heart of gratefulness. I know I have. But I heard a story years ago and it changed my attitude. For that I am so grateful..."

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September 2022

"I love to take a walk through my yard in search of nests that have been long empty. As I hold one in my hands, I marvel at the work that went into building this tiny home. The intricately woven structure of each one is overwhelming..."

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August 2022

"Oh, to live deliberately for Jesus, camping in these verses. I love that He’s chosen us to be His own dear children..."

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