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Managing My Moments

“Goge?” (Goga—a name given to me by my grandson, Joey, sixteen years ago when he was one year old. It stuck).

“Yes, honey?”

“Will you sit and snuggle with me and my family?”

“Of course I will. I’d love to!”

I listened to the words spill forth from my heart, knowing full-well I had a list staring at me that included deadlines. I sometimes feel I have a love-hate relationship with my lists. My eyes fell on the boy’s face and my heart melted. He was grateful for my answer, I think. My Little. I love him so much. What will he remember about me in years to come? Will his memories be full with me scurrying around, trying to accomplish tasks that, in the end, have no real eternal significance? Or will his mind’s eye picture us snuggled together with his family of stuffies? We read wonderful books, we play Memory, and singing songs about Jesus is one of his favorite things to do with me. We talk—conversations always initiated by him. Deep, precious, and sometimes, so funny…like the day he was sharing with me about a few of his family favorites, ones he’s especially fond of…

“There’s Papa, he plays with me. Namma (his other Grammy), she plays with me too.”

He paused…

“You? We chat.”

We chat. How precious is that? I love to listen to what matters to him. His heart, full of love, often spills over. He’s a great communicator for four years old. Time given equals love in the heart of this boy.

Today, I decided to give it. And I’m not sorry I chose to. Living deliberately. Just a few special moments brought joy to him. God has given me many moments each day and it’s my job to manage them well. I find it interesting that He seems to stretch my hours whenever I give some moments away…I love that about HIm. On this journey together, Deb


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