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Sometimes I Just Whisper Their Names

This morning I saw a book. It was on a dear one’s story on Instagram. The title…I can’t remember…but it was about praying for those precious to us. My eyes filled up, tears spilling over. After reading her story, this was my comment back to her:

“If I’m honest, sometimes I just whisper their names because the work of praying for one who has walked away is emotionally exhausting… Oh Jesus, please call them back.” Her response back to me:

“I hear you. I’m praying with you this morning, dearest Debbie.”

Oh, to carry one another’s burdens. Do I do this? There are times I feel like I can’t even get through my circles in prayer. How precious was this dear sister, one I’ve never met, to take a moment to reach out to me?

She let me know she hears my heart…she feels my pain…and she comes along side me to share in my grief, lifting my arms that grow weary in prayer. I want to be mindful to be that woman. I long to be sensitive to the prompting of the Lord, taking that moment to lift up the battle-weary one that God has allowed me to see, even if I don’t know her. I want to carry her to Jesus and leave her in His arms. What better place to be. He is our Burden-Bearer.

Somehow He has fashioned us to bear one another’s burdens as well, interceding for each other. I love that about God. He can handle it. He doesn’t need us to pray, yet He created us to. When we do, we come to a deeper understanding of His heart.

I want what matters to Jesus to matter to me. Today, I felt loved. I felt seen. By God. By this dear one. My heart was lifted. I remember those I love so much–– Jesus loves them so much more.

So today, I whisper their name; instead of emotional exhaustion, I remember Jesus has these I love. I can trust Him. So I lift up my head, and I thank Him. I’m grateful for His love. I’m thankful for the way He has designed us…and for His dear ones who respond to His stirring.

… For those who hold up our arms and heart in prayer when all we can do is whisper the names of those we feel broken over... Grateful.

On this journey together, Deb


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