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The Joy Of An Encouraging Word

Yesterday, I experienced the joy of receiving an inspiring word from someone. That moment sent me back to a childhood movie, “Charlotte’s Web”, that I loved to watch with my children. When I received that word, I felt like Wilbur, the charming, little pig in the movie.

Charlotte, a spectacular spider with sterling spinning abilities, spun the word “terrific” over Wilbur’s pen. Filled with joy after he received this word, Wilbur was leaping and dancing and full of merriment. People came from all over the countryside to see this “terrific pig”.

We all know, though, the one who was terrific and most amazing was Charlotte. But she was committed to working on Wilbur’s behalf.

Words can carry a tremendous weight. We can discourage others with our words or we can build others up with our words. When those strengthening words were spoken to me, I wished I could have leapt and danced just like Wilbur did, but I restrained myself. I can tell you, though, my heart was dancing. That sincere encouragement gave me hope; my heart filled with joy and excitement to press on in the direction God has me going.

This morning, I hope to inspire you. I think we get as much joy from giving someone a genuine, uplifting word as we do from receiving one. I know with all that’s going on around us, people are weighed down with many cares. So today let’s keep our eyes open for the one who could benefit from a heart-felt word of encouragement. I assure you, you’ll walk away from that moment with a sense of joy, yourself, because you took time to strengthen someone else. It gives us a dancing heart when we receive one, and it fills our heart with joy when we give one. I hope you join me in this wonderful, heart warming opportunity.

Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up. - Proverbs 12:25

On this journey together,


P.S. If you haven’t seen Charlotte’s Web, it’s worth the ninety minutes it takes to watch it. Consider making a special date with the children you love. You’ll all leave your time together with delighted hearts.


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