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Welcoming Holy Interruptions

I’m older now. Traveling back in time––reflecting on days gone by––is a joy to me. We can’t call back a day. I know, in my life, there are many days I’d probably change. For sure, I’d correct many of my responses to what I saw as distractions and interruptions. I love the clean slate God gives us, His mercies, new every morning. He’s the God of do-overs, second chances, and the Giver of eyes that see His hand in the midst of our days. One of the areas I recall being a challenge for me as a young Mom was what I now call, in hindsight, holy interruptions. As a homeschooling Mama I spent the summers preparing a demanding schedule for each child and what they’d need to accomplish day-to-day in order to stay on track. I worked very hard at implementing that schedule each day, year after year.

This particular year, just as school began, we moved into a new home. New to us—in reality—built in 1844. Nothing had been done since the 1920s. Needless to say, we had an enormous task ahead: tackle messy construction and freshen each room with a coat of paint before we moved in. Grateful when that was done, our school year began, though a bit later than I had hoped.

Once school began, it seemed like distractions would appear out of the blue. My carefully planned schedule thrown off, I was left frustrated at day’s end as I went over what the children had left to tackle, adding it to the following day’s work with a grumble.

After we moved into our home, the dear old man who found our new house for us began to pay us visits often. Seeing him drive up our driveway, I’d begin to fret that having him pop in would delay our school day. He would sit and soak in conversation with us and share his stories of years ago. As time went on, our affection for him grew. My son, then six, told us one day that Uncle Ray was his very best friend.

Bringing my concerns about school to the Lord in prayer, I noticed the interruptions stealing what I assumed should be classroom time, ended up being wonderful life lessons that the Lord used to shape us. Our hearts more tender, His love filling our holy interruptions, became a joy to us all.

I recognized that the beauty of home education, living and learning in God’s classroom, made room for our children to become best friends with people aged 3-93. For twenty-four years, at each school year’s end, no matter what we had going on within our family, the children tested beautifully, advancing well beyond where they needed to be. Academia found its important place. It took a back seat to living life with an open door, a cup of something warm offered, and our family gathered around the table together, sharing time with whoever He brought our way.

My life has been full of holy interruptions over many decades. I didn’t always see them for what they were at the time, but today, looking through wiser eyes, I see how precious each and every holy interruption has been to us all as a family. I’d love to hear about your holy interruptions and how the Lord showed you He was the One knocking on your door. It’s never too late for us to start embracing the moments we’re reluctant to give away––I promise––you’ll be excited to share them with others. These stories are the ones I think we’ll get to reminisce about together when we reach Heaven’s shores. On this journey together, Deb


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