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Holy Interruptions -- When God Taps You on the Shoulder

Your Story Matters

We have the ability to change the course of history, one heart at a time. With our stories.

God chooses and uses the unlikely. He proves it again and again through the stories in His Word. The life messages of women in the Bible whose lives were gloriously interrupted still powerfully change lives todav.

He uses their stories to change us. He uses our stories to change others.
Are you willing to hear and heed His call?
To answer His tap on your shoulder?
Will you welcome Him into your story?
Are you willing to share even the sometimes-raw places of that storv so someone else can find the beauty of the with-God life?

Learn how to fully give Him your story from the biblical women who lived it-and from poignant, personal stories from the author-and let the learning prepare you to be keenly ready when God taps.

He has miraculously changed lives before. He can miraculously do it
again. With your story.

Holy Interruptions -- When God Taps You on the Shoulder

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