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To Live Deliberately for What Matters to Jesus



Now Available!
by Bold Vision Books

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Your Story Matters . . .

We have the ability to change the course of history, one heart at a time. With our stories.

God chooses and uses the unlikely. He proves it again and again through the stories in His Word. The life messages of women in the Bible whose lives were gloriously interrupted still powerfully change lives today.

He uses their stories to change us. He uses our stories to change others.
  • Are you willing to hear and heed His call?
  • To answer His tap on your shoulder?
  • Will you welcome Him into your story?
  • Are you willing to share even the sometimes-raw places of that story so someone else can find the beauty of the with-God life?

He has miraculously changed lives before. He can miraculously do it again. With your story.
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Holy Interruptions is a story of redemption—when God interrupted the life of one woman and redeemed and transformed her. Debbie’s story unfolds over the first few page-turning chapters. Then she masterfully weaves in stories of women from the Bible whose lives God also interrupted. Women we already know—only Deb reintroduces them from a fresh perspective. Holy Interruptions will inspire you to say yes to God when He taps you on the shoulder too. 

Sandra Flach

Executive Director of Justice for Orphans

Author of Orphans No More--A Journey Back to the Father 



It’s a joy to be living in upstate New York, in the rambling 1840’s house where we raised our family. Together with my husband, Bob, we are surrounded by our seven children, twenty-two grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren most of who live nearby.

I am a conference and retreat speaker, an inspirational storyteller, a Bible study writer and teacher, and a small group discipleship leader. 
My first book, Holy Interruptions: When God Taps You on the Shoulder, NOW RELEASED, by Bold Vision Books, Friendswood, Texas. It’s my joy to encourage each other to “live deliberately,” living our lives for what matters to Jesus. I hope you’ll pause with me, stopping long enough to see how precious each day is in the different seasons of our lives?


Together let’s embrace the beauty of everyday moments, seeing God’s hand and His love in our ordinary days.​I’m so glad you stopped by my website. My prayer is you’ll consider visiting often. If you’re interested in reading more about my life, family, and ministry, there’s a longer bio you can click below. I am excited to meet you through my writing and blogging and would love to hear from you. I anticipate seeing God’s hand as we continue to seek Him with our whole hearts.

On this journey together,



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My passion is to see women living life deliberately for what truly matters to Jesus. I love to encourage others to embrace the plans and purposes He has for their lives, recognizing they’re part of a larger picture. Our lives and stories of His goodness to us matter, and we can make a difference here, changing the course of history and affecting the outcome of eternity, when we’re willing to share those stories with whoever the Lord brings our way.

Over several decades, I have experienced the Lord’s love and faithfulness in great measure. His mercies, new every morning, and His amazing grace poured out, have held me through many trying days over the years. It’s with His calling and through my corrected failures the Lord has given me a platform to share with women of all ages and encourage them to draw near to Him.

I am an author, an inspirational storyteller, a conference, event, and retreat speaker and Bible study teacher. I’m available to teach Bible or book studies on a variety of topics in an online setting or a in a home or church.

To schedule a speaking or teaching engagement, guest blog, or pod cast please email me at

I’d be honored to be a part of your journey,



Bible Studies Available Upon Request

Bible Studies I have written:

The Book of John

The Book of 1st Peter

The Book of 2nd Peter

The Book of 1st Timothy

The Book of 2nd Timothy

Beauty for Ashes-Ruth

Additional topics of Bible and book study, retreat themes and sessions and conference sessions are available on request.


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